Just click to convert your phone into powerful e-mail to SMS gateway. MoGateway is free open-source application that requires Internet connection, configured email client on the phone and a SIM card. For best performance please configure mail for exchange.

Supported OS: MeeGo Harmattan, Nokia Belle, Symbian Anna, Symbian^3

Supported languages: Bulgarian, English, Turkish

User's manual: MoGatewayUsersManual.pdf


Nokia Store

Open Source

The source code MoGateway is publically available at Gitorious under GPLv3 license.

How does it work?

MoGateway forwards the body of received e-mails with prefix [email2sms] and a list of phone numbers separated with comma at the subject as SMS to each phone number.
Example subject: [email2sms]1234,4321

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to confiugre e-mail client on Nokia with MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9) or Symbian?

Please follow the official tutorials provided by Nokia.

Why is Internet connection required?

The application requires Internet connection to receive e-mails.

Is it free?

Yes, MoGateway is absolutely free but standard SMS and Internet data rates of your carrier may apply while using the application.
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